Disruption of energy business model Without a comprehensive digitalization of the energy industry, the energy transition will remain a patchwork. The energy supply, which has grown historically and is driven by a great volume of large fossil power plants, has changed radically over the past 20 years due to the addition of millions of decentralized generation units. Digital technology is indispensable for balancing power load and generation, but also for creating and establishing new business areas an models. Their possibilities seem almost unlimited, their role will become increasingly important in a future of an almost completely electrified society.

Digitalisation. Answer for the energymarket of the future 

New providers are entering the market and putting the traditional energy industry under pressure. Energy suppliers who do not face up to the change are in danger of missing the boat . Energy association companies and municipal utilities are still protected by far-reaching regulatory requirements. Examples from other sectors show that digitization is capable of overcoming this regulatory mechanisms. However, the application of smart means of digitalisation will not only enable and ensure that energy production, distribution and storage requirements are met. Profound digitalisation will also enable a fast pace of business model development to meet our todays and future energy needs.